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Talking Therapy



Claire Morley


Claire is a fully qualified NLP and 

Timeline Therapy Master Practitioner, Rapid Energy Release Practitioner, Sound Meditation Practitioner & Mindset Coach.

Claire has over 21 years of experience developing and nurturing young performers; encouraging their skills development whilst understanding the importance of their individual identities and their own mental health and wellbeing.

As a dancer and teacher discipline, resilience and determination have been the resourceful qualities that Claire has had to draw upon throughout her life however as with many of us at times we can all get 'stuck'.


It was through the self development work of NLP, Silent Counselling & Sound Meditation that Claire wanted to study this further and develop coaching programmes that can help others in the same way.


If this is something you would like to explore further for yourself then why not book a FREE Discovery Call NOW!!   


After having my first session I wasn't sure if it had any affect on me, but I can truly say it has made such a difference to me. I suffered with bad anxiety that used to cripple me in certain situations, but since having just one session I have not had any bouts of anxiety.  I have even done things I wouldn't normally do, like taking my daughter to a party by myself and talking to people.  It sounds simple but for me it was always an issue, and I never did it.  I feel so light and more confident.  I have now had my second session and released anger and worry, even some I didn't know I had inside.  I feel like I can tackle anything now, with the knowledge I have and the tools to help myself.  I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to try this.  My husband, friends and work colleagues have noticed a big difference in me. I am now more relaxed when I am at home and this is having a positive effect on my daughter and husband. 


Prior to my sessions with Claire, I hadn’t heard of silent counselling & I was initially a little skeptical but I was also intrigued. I suffer with anxiety/feelings of being out of control & it was causing unnecessary stress & conflict in my personal life. During the sessions, Claire put me totally at ease & I came away with a lovely inner peace. She was so friendly & her voice had a very calming influence. In the days that followed, I found quite a difference in myself. I was noticeably less stressed & I used the breathing & tapping strategies that Claire had taught me. I’ve since continued to use these in certain situations & I find them hugely beneficial when regulating my emotions & responses. I would definitely recommend silent counselling with Claire, particularly if you want to learn how to cope with a concern or problem, without having to discuss it in depth. She was so understanding, calming & supportive & I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. Thank you Claire!


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