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release your voice

Your voice is an incredible tool and here at mtda we believe your voice is beautiful.

"Everyone has a beautiful voice - 

you just have to learn how to use it." ~ Jo Estill

Whether or not you use your voice to sing or speak with, most people find at some point in their life they need a little help to get the best out of their voice. 

'I can't sing in-front of people'

'My voice sounds horrible'

'Why aren't people noticing me'

'I hate the way my voice

sounds when I hear it'

'I have terrible tension

when I sing'

'People don't listen

to me when I speak'


If this is you - WE CAN HELP!

Actors, singers, dancers, teachers, presenters and communicators at all levels of society and industry rely on their voice as their primary method of communication but rarely understand how it works or how to look after it.

Through our unique vocal programme at mtda you will learn how to Release Your Voice and it's full potential alongside how to keep it in optimum condition regardless of application. Whether spoken or sung, corporate or amateur we can help you reach your potential and Release Your Voice!

Sessions can be delivered in person, at your home or place of work and also online through Zoom.

Services include:

Singing and spoken voice techniques 

Warm ups and warm downs

Audition and performance preparation

Accent softening

Diction and articulation

Projection and annunciation

Presentation skills and delivery

Corporate services 

CPD delivery


Alex Dengate

Alex is a professional singing coach, voice coach, vocal technician and has over 12 years of experience working with people of all ages across the performing arts, education and business sectors.

At home in the rehearsal room, the dance studio or the corporate board room Alex can deliver swift and effective techniques, remedies and ploys to aid your in achieving your vocal goals and releasing your voice.

A singer and voice user from a young age, he is an Estill Master Trainer (EMT).

He is an accomplished Musical Director and Pianist and will happily accompany singing and vocal sessions as required.



'I have a singing/voice block' 

'I am insecure about my voice'

The voice is such a personal thing and sometimes we get hung up on how we sound and feel when using our voice and it affects our performance and delivery.

Why not combine a Release Your Voice session with an NLP Performance Coaching session and have both Claire and Alex simultaneously coach you?  


The results from these dual sessions can be quite remarkable and are conducted in a relaxed and supportive manner.


Do I have to be a singer/musician to benefit from some voice coaching?

-Absolutely not! Each session is crafted to the needs, skills and experience of the individual and you do not need a musical bone in your body to improve your vocal techniques.

How much do these sessions cost?

-Get in touch with us directly for a personalised quote.

I know I want to get help with my voice, what's the best way to start?

-A FREE consultation is the best way to get the journey started.  After a short and informal chat we can best assess your needs and get you on the road to 'Release Your Voice'.

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